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The entrepreneurial and strategy program designed to turn your idea into a real business and develop better products.

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What is IdeaBoosterLab?

What is IBL

Are you an aspiring or new entrepreneur?

Have you ever struggled in making a strategic business decision?

IdeaBoosterLab will help you realize your entrepreneurial idea 

IdeaBoosterLab is a training program intended to advance the entrepreneurial capabilities of early stage start-ups and recently founded ventures.

It is designed to help you make better choices and fully exploit innovative business opportunities.

IdeaBoosterLab  merges the academic excellence of Bocconi University (Italy) and other partners around the globe, to offer a cutting-edge business development course to entrepreneurs.


Why IdeaBoosterLab?

Where can you find IdeaBoosterLab?

IdeaBoosterLab is developed by Bocconi University (Italy) together with several eminent universities across the globe.

The program is offered in different locations worldwide.

By clicking on the country of interest, you will be redirected to the local website, where you will be able to send your application.

Applications have closed
Applications have closed
Applications have closed
Applications have closed
Applications are open!



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The Program

IdeaBoosterLab combines a practical and dynamic approach to business with rigorous methodologies developed in partnership with academics and business experts in management, entrepreneurship and strategy development.

As part of the project, you will receive a three-month business support program. During that time, you will engage in 6 highly interactive and practical course modules focused on developing key entrepreneurial skills allowing participants to benefit from interactive and hands-on methods.

During this training, you will learn how to develop your idea or strategy, how to make informed decisions and how to master practical decision-making tools. You will also learn how to identify consumer needs and evaluate the potential of your strategy.

Crafted by an international team of top universities, this experience will enable you to implement new ideas and changes to your business practices from the very first session.

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